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Structural Engineer Report

One of the key responsibilities held by engineers is predicting structural loads and preventing structural failure. Often, a structural engineer will write a report providing additional information on the design of a building or analyse if a  building is structurally sound,  recommending changes to improve the structural integrity of the building.

Imagine you plan to make changes to your home, such as an addition or renovation. In this case, engaging a structural engineer to review the proposed changes may prevent  adverse effects of the proposed work on the structural integrity of your home. Having a structural engineering report undertaken can help you understand the structural condition of your home and make informed decisions about the changes or repairs needed.

What to Expect in a Structural Engineering Report?

A structural engineering report may include:

Structural Engineer Reporting
Engineering Report

Some of the problems uncovered by an engineering report include:

How much does an engineering report cost?

The cost of an engineer’s report varies depending on the size and complexity of the structure.  Due to the specialised nature of the work, structural engineering reports are typically more expensive than other types of home inspection reports. If you need a structural report undertaken and are looking for a quote, contact JHA Engineers today.

How do I go about getting an engineer's report?

You will need to contact a structural engineer to have them inspect your property and prepare a report. The engineer will visit your site, assess the structure’s condition, and take measurements. They will then prepare a report that includes their findings and recommendations.

A structural engineer report is a valuable tool that can help you understand your home’s structural condition and make informed decisions about any changes or repairs needed. Our structural engineers here at JHA can analyse the structure and make recommendations at an affordable rate. Contact us today to arrange a quote. 

Structural Engineer Report
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