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Retrospective Certification

At JHA Australia, we provide a variety of structural engineer reports, including retrospective certification. 

When a building or structure has been developed without the prerequisite checks such as Forms 15 and 12 (known as an unauthorised structure), then a retrospective certification must be issued to ensure it meets current guidelines as outlined by section 10 of the Building Act 1975 and sections 73 and 77 of the Building Regulation 2021. 

The JHA Australia Group has over 30 years of experience in forensic and structural engineering. We are fully licensed and pride ourselves on producing quality and cost-effective reporting. Our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of the engineering industry. Our motto is ‘We care about the small and are prepared for the big’. 

So if you’re in need of retrospective certification in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Northern Rivers area, contact us today.

What Is a Retrospective Certificate of Structural Adequacy?

A wide variety of permits and approvals are required before and during the construction of a structure or building. Upon a structure being completed without these approvals, you have what is known as an unauthorised structure. 

There are some cases under the Building Act where a building approval is not needed. These are known as Accepted Development or Self-Assessable building works and include:

As you can see, the types of structures that can be self-assessed are limited. Unauthorised structures are illegal under current Queensland regulations. While they can go unnoticed by the council for a time, they become a liability upon the sale of a property or detection by local authorities. When the council notices an unauthorised structure, they may issue a Show Cause Notice.

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What Is a Show Cause Notice?

A Show Cause Notice is a type of legal notice issued by a local government authority when they believe an infraction of the Planning or Building Acts has occurred. 

Responding to the notice allows the opportunity for you to explain your position to the council and will help them determine whether or not they should proceed with an Enforcement Notice. 

An Enforcement Notice is the next step in the process and requires you to provide adequate documentation for the building or structure, including retro certification. If this is not performed, the structure may have to be demolished, you may be issued with a fine, or you may even have to face the council in court. 

If you have been issued with a Show Cause Notice, contact us today, and we can offer advice and provide adequate structural certification before the issue gets out of hand. Don’t risk it. 

Contact Us for your Retro Certification Needs

If you have built an unauthorised structure and require retro certification, we can help. We can work with a building certifier to provide adequate documentation allowing for a stress-free process. 

Our team of structural building engineers will make sure that all the necessary factors are addressed regarding the safety of your structure. We can provide our services throughout Queensland and NSW, focusing on different types of building projects; residential and commercial.

So contact us today if you’re looking for a structural engineer in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Northern Rivers area for retrospective certification. 

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