A residential structural assessment involves a thorough visual inspection to ascertain the structural condition of the dwelling. If required, this can involve a structural analysis of members to confirm the sizing or sag is sufficient. It is recommended that this is undertaken as soon as a concern or defect is noted, to prevent the concern from leading to costly repairs in the future.

This is where having a residential structural engineer inspection comes in. A structural engineer carries out a residential structural assessment to determine the condition of the dwelling and if required the strength or suitability of a structural member.

In this article, we will be looking at what a residential structural assessment is and it’s advantages. Moreover, we will be considering the specific roles of a structural engineer in a residential structural assessment and how you can hire the right person for the job.

What Does Residential Structural Assessments Mean?

A structural assessment refers to a procedure that an expert undertakes to determine the soundness of the dwelling. This procedure typically involves visual observations and movement investigations, however, can include an analysis of the property’s structural members, such as the beams, load-bearing walls, and addition structures including decks.

The purpose of undertaking an assessment  is to uncover any sign of structural defects. Such defects could be excessive movements, deterioration, or cracks in the building. Left unchecked, these defects could decrease the house’s structural integrity.

Therefore, it is essential for every homeowner to carry out a residential structural assessment if any concerns arise. Other reasons that make it necessary to get a residential structural engineer inspection include:

  •     To ascertain if your house can support the extra weight when you plan to add an additional feature like solar panels.
  •     To ensure that the renovation of a house does not weaken its structure.
  •     To determine if the foundation of a house is capable of handling extra weight.
  •     To mitigate substantial financial loss which can occur if a structural defect is left to deteriorate over time.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to note that to guarantee the credibility of a residential structural assessment, it is essential to hire a professional structural engineer. If you are in South East Queensland or Northern New South Wales, those experts are JHA Australia.

The Role of a Structural Engineer in Residential Structural Assessments

A structural engineer is a professional that can carry out residential structural assessments. In carrying out this assessment, they perform certain functions which include:

  •     Inspecting a house to ensure that the structure is capable of enduring human activities and natural environmental conditions.
  •     Giving a detailed report on the structure 
  •     Providing recommended rectifications or the next steps for rectification for any defects found.
  •     Incorporating quality building materials during construction.
  •     Providing suitable methods to use during the construction of a specific building.

You can employ the services of a structural engineer during the construction of a house, renovations, when purchasing a home and just for peace of mind. For a structural engineering inspection in South East Queensland or Northern New South Wales,  contact JHA Australia Group.

Roof Structure Inspections in Residential Structural Assessments

One of the most important structures of a house is the roof. This is because the roof plays a huge role in protecting the other components of a house along with its occupants. As such, poor roofing can affect the structural integrity of a home while also putting the occupants at risk.

The roofing of a house consists of two components: the inner and outer structure. To determine if there is any defect that may need fixing, the structural engineer needs to inspect every aspect of the roof including in the ceiling.

If the roof is in poor condition this can also lead to water ingress. Water ingress, if not rectified in a timely manner, can require extensive repairs. It is therefore recommended to consult JHA Australia for any roofing concerns.

How Much is a Residential Structural Engineering Inspection?

There is no fixed standard price for a residential structural engineer inspection. The price varies depending on various factors. The factors that can influence the cost of hiring a residential structural engineer inspection include:

The Size of Your Home

The size of your house can determine how much you could pay for a residential structural engineer inspection.  Inspecting a bigger house requires the structural engineer to spend more time going through each component of the building.


The complexity of a house can also affect the price of a residential structural assessment. Often complex structures require more time and a significant amount of experience to appropriately assess the dwelling.

Level of Experience

An experienced structural engineer may charge more than others, taking into account their level of experience, expertise, industry registrations and qualifications.. However, the great thing about hiring experienced structural engineers is that you can rely on their wealth of knowledge to make a thorough assessment of the property in question.

Hiring the Right Structural Engineer

When looking to hire a structural engineer, you need to consider certain factors to ensure you hire the right person for the job. These factors include the following:

  •     Qualification and registration of the structural engineer.
  •     Work experience in residential projects.
  • The lead time to starting the project. 
  •     The length of time it will take to complete the project.
  • Ensuring the job requirements have been clearly articulated and understood.
  • References

At JHA Australia Group, we have several structural engineers who are both licenced and qualified with over 30 years of experience in residential forensic and structural engineering. We provide structural engineering inspections in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

With our expertise, we can determine the cause of any building and engineering issues and solve them. We can also provide an accurate and detailed report on the extent of damage and repairs needed after a fire, natural disaster, or structural failure.

Additionally, our experienced design team can provide structural designs, assessments and certification. Contact us today and let us assist you in every way we can.