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One of Australia’s Leading Structural Engineering Companies
About Jha Australia
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About Us

JHA Australia is a Forensic and Structural Engineering company actively consulting and providing reports for the analysis, refurbishment and repair of a variety of structures Australia-wide. Our Engineer can determine the cause, extent, methodology of repair and certify any repair work.

JHA Australia has over 30 years’ experience in Forensic and Structural Engineering. Our engineers each have knowledge and experience in all facets of the construction industry while specialising in forensic engineering.

JHA has a Team of Engineers who determine the cause and solve building and engineering problems whether it be from water penetration, subsidence, building deterioration or problems with a
retaining wall.

JHA can accurately report on the extent of damage and repairs needed following structural failure, fires and natural disasters. We also have an experienced Design Team who can provide structural design, assessment and certification.

JHA Design Team can complete a structural analysis of an existing structure and provide comment as to whether it is in accordance with the current standards or “as built” standards. JHA can also complete designs for all new structures and provide accurate structural drawings for builders to work to.

For Structural Certification purposes the company consists of registered engineers in states throughout Australia.

About Our Founder

My husband, JHA’s founder, Jeffrey Hills has played a fundamental and respected role in the engineering industry throughout Australia.

Jeff excelled in innovation. His entrepreneurship, drive and strategic vision led to the creation of JHA Australia and the success that followed. Jeff’s primary motivation was always to give his clients an honest and accurate appraisal of their engineering needs.

In 2019 my Husband Jeff and my eldest son Matthew tragically passed away.

Both Jeff and Matt’s charisma, energy and optimism won them the confidence, support and loyalty of many. Inspired by Jeff’s encouraging attitude to carry on, the JHA Group continues to operate with the same values of honest and excellent service, forming part of Jeff and Matt’s legacy. I am and always will be grateful to the wonderful staff, clients and associates of JHA who continue to operate within Jeff’s vision.

– Jenny Hills

Jenny And Jeff
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