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Do you have a home or commercial building in Ipswich, and want an experienced structural engineer to come to assess it? We are the best engineers for the job!

Structural engineering deals with the strength and integrity of a structure or building. Under the civil engineering discipline, our structural engineers ensure that your Ipswich structures are safe for use to avoid collapse or damage to the building. We deal with the building design and overall analysis of the construction.

JHA Australia is one of the most widely known and leading structural engineering companies in the country. We are trusted experts in structural and forensic engineering, with over 30 years of experience and are dedicated to producing quality outcomes and reporting.

Our team will make sure that the necessary factors are addressed for the safety of your structures. Our services spread through Queensland and NSW, focusing on different types of building projects; residential or commercial.

JHA Australia is a leading Australian structural engineering company that you can always trust.

We take our time to carry out building inspections so that no little detail is left behind.

Ipswich’s Leading Forensic Engineers

Our team of structural engineers can find the cause of any building project failure, whether it be a non-compliant retaining wall or water penetration. Our forensic engineers will also advise on certain changes that you should make to your building design and structure that will help its durability and longevity.

Not only does JHA Australia carry out forensic and structural engineering, but we also have a compliance team that makes sure the building project fits the current compliance standards.

Our Ipswich engineers can help you to easily locate warning signs in your structures that need to be addressed. We can advise you on relocating or removing certain structures that could fail your building project approval and advancement.

As a fully licensed and insured company, with a team of engineers who are experts in their fields, we are one of the leading structural engineering companies in Australia.

Do you happen to be busy with a building project, or do you need to inspect your building project?

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