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Form 15 and Form 12

At JHA, we can provide both a  Form 15 and a Form 12 (formerly Form 16) for structural certification. These are generally required as a step in the building approval process. If you’re unsure which you need, we look at each in more detail below. If you already know or are a building certifier looking for structural certification in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area, contact us now.

The JHA Australia Group has over 30 years of experience in forensic and structural engineering. We are fully licensed and pride ourselves on producing quality and cost-effective reporting. Our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of the engineering industry. Our motto is ‘We care about the small and are prepared for the big’.

Now let’s look at both Form 15 and Form 12 more closely. 

Form 15 (Compliance Certificate for Building Design or Specification)

A Form 15 for structural certification is issued by an appointed competent person to affirm whether or not an aspect of building work – if performed as outlined – will comply with building assessment provisions as per section 10 of the Building Act 1975 and sections 73 and 77 of the Building Regulation 2021. 

Essentially, this means that the appointed person will look at a proposed component or facet of a construction project (e.g., the structural aspects of steel roof beams) and confirm whether or not it will meet current regulations if all goes to plan.

During the completion of the certificate, the appointed competent person will:

Upon completing a Form 15, the appointed person will provide the certificate to the building certifier, who will then use it as documentation in the building approval process.  

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structural engineer roof inspection

Form 12 (Aspect Inspection Certificate), Formerly Form 16

A Form 12 Certificate is also issued by an appointed competent person. Unlike Form 15, however, it is provided after an aspect has been completed and confirms whether it abides by sections 74 and 77 of the Building Regulation 2021. 

Form 12 was formerly a part of Form 16, but after the amendments of the Building Regulation 2021, Form 16 was split into three: Form 12, 16, and 43:

During the completion of a Form 12, the appointed competent person will:

Again, upon completion, the appointed competent person will then provide the certificate to the building certifier.

Retrospective Certificates of Structural Adequacy

If a building or structure has already undergone construction but requires a retrospective certification for whatever reason, we can help. Unapproved constructions can be liabilities when it comes time to sell a property. We can work with a building certifier to provide adequate structural certification, allowing for a stress-free sales process. 

Our team of structural building engineers will make sure that the necessary factors are addressed for the safety of your structures. Our services spread throughout Queensland and NSW, focusing on different types of building projects; residential and commercial.

We can provide both structural reports and structural building inspections for any type of structure. So contact us today if you’re looking for a structural engineer in the Gold Coast or Brisbane area for either Form 12s, 15s, or retrospective certification. 

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