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Meticulous building inspections in Queensland and New South Wales

If you need building and pest inspections in Queensland and New South Wales, then contact our team at JHA Australia to receive the best services that Queensland and New South Wales has to offer. As the area’s premier building inspectors, we’re leaders in the industry for providing meticulous building and pest inspections to a broad spectrum of clients.

We provide comprehensive reports after conducting each building inspection, offering a high-quality service for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. JHA Australia’s inspectors always provide the utmost in quality customer care and attention to detail from start to finish, so why not benefit from our expertise and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your structure is sound.

Our team will provide essential insight into the structural integrity of your building, giving you total assurance about your home or business. With our precise and comprehensive reports, JHA Australia will ensure that you have the answers you need when you need them most. When you choose our top-quality building inspections, you’re tapping into unparalleled expertise in the field.

Structural Integrity Inspections

Our building and pest reports cover:

  • Structural problems, including:
    • Cracking and movement
    • Dampness
    • Structural timber pest damage
    • Roof plumbing and flashings
    • Defective or bridged damp-proof course
    • Corrosion
  • Lack of sub-floor ventilation
  • Additions and improvements
  • Incomplete construction
  • Serious safety hazards
  • Major defects in secondary and finishing elements
  • Minor defects in the condition of non-structural elements
  • Signs of timber pests, including:
    • Fungal decay
    • Wood borers
    • Subterranean termites (including evidence, location, and extent of activity, mudding and damage)
    • Chemical delignification
  • Conditions conducive to timber pest attack including:
    • Inadequate sub-floor ventilation
    • Presence of excessive moisture
    • Untreated or non-durable timber used in a hazardous environment
    • Bridging or breaching of the termite barrier
    • Insufficient slab edge exposure
  • Evidence of existing termite management programs
Moisture Inspections

Why should I choose JHA Australia?

  • Our reports are simple, easy to read and understand
  • Our prices are competitive
  • We complete over 10,000 reports a year
  • You can pay on the day to the inspector
  • We can organise access with your real estate agent (if applicable)
  • Our inspectors encourage you to meet them at the property and be part of the inspection
  • Same-day reports are available on certain inspections
  • We email the report to you so you can meet your confirmation dates
  • Our inspectors inspect in the roof space and on the roof if physically possible
  • JHA Australia complies with all relevant Australian standards
  • We check that smoke alarms are installed as per the Building Code of Australia
  • Our inspectors are made available to you by mobile phone so you can call them before, during or after your inspection
  • Our inspectors are backed up with our own engineers if you require further inspections of a major defect
  • We are not a franchise or an overseas company. We are Australian-owned
  • We care

Thermal imaging cameras

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to a building's structural integrity. All too often, it's not detected until it can be seen with the naked eye. By that time, extreme amounts of damage have probably been done. JHA Australia is proud to use thermal imaging technology to detect even the smallest amounts of moisture in a building. This state-of-the-art technology allows our inspectors to see through walls to locate the signs of moisture before they cause serious problems.

Thermal imaging is conducted through specialised cameras. These cameras are extremely expensive, which is one of the top reasons that many building inspection companies refuse to use them. At JHA Australia, we spare no expense and are committed to providing the most useful and thorough building inspections. As a result, we use thermal imaging technology regularly on projects.

Other supporting technology

At JHA Australia, we don’t just use thermal imaging technology alone. When it's used along with the correct tools and expertise, it can dramatically increase our accuracy, making it easier for property owners to follow up with the right repairs and eradication techniques.

Having a complete understanding of where a building stands in terms of structural integrity and pest infestations is critical. Thermal imaging technology integrated with our carefully selected range of additional support technology is priceless in producing thorough and meaningful reports.

Moisture meters

A moisture meter can detect high levels of moisture in internal wall cavities and exposed timbers. High moisture areas in a dwelling may attract or contain termite activity. High moisture readings are often located in or adjacent to bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

When high moisture readings have been detected, a recommendation will be made to have the area assessed further for termite activity. A moisture meter will also detect moisture from leaking pipes or rising damp. All high moisture readings should be investigated to determine the cause.

Sound tapping devices

A sound tapping device is a tapping stick used on soft timbers to identify damage by sound. For example, all window sills and skirting boards are tapped during an inspection.

Quality service guaranteed

At JHA Australia, there are no hidden charges or surprises for our customers. We perform a professional and thorough inspection, and will always invite clients to attend and participate in the inspection process to ensure clarity at every stage of the process.

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