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Structural Building

Plans for structural engineering in Gold Coast.

Engineering services in Gold Coast, Queensland and New South Wales

If you’re renovating or extending your home, then JHA Australia can help. We provide a variety of structural building services in Queensland and New South Wales and can inspect your property before you begin any work.

Our expert team will identify any potential problems as well as suggesting additional opportunities for your proposal as appropriate. We can identify load-bearing walls, bracing walls, and support points, as well as checking and advising on removing or relocating existing columns and walls.

House Renovation Engineering Specialists

Renovations and alterations to your home might include:

  • Raising an existing house to create downstairs living areas
  • Removing a wall and adding an island kitchen bench
  • Work on an internal staircase
Home Extensions Engineering

Home extensions might include:

  • Adding another bedroom
  • A new deck extension to increase outdoor living space
  • Adding more living space

Structural engineering Gold Coast input

A Gold Coast structural engineer can help when houses and units are complicated or are built on poor ground. In these cases, your building designer might recommend that some or all of the building be designed or checked by a structural engineer.

You might need a Gold Coast structural engineer if your building has one or more of these elements:

  • Reinforced concrete columns
  • Earth retaining walls
  • Roofs in cyclone affected areas
  • Footings in clay soils or on soft or sloping sites
  • Steel floor beams and roof girders
  • Suspended concrete slabs

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building services in Queensland and New South Wales.

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