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Reservoir and Leak Repairs

Reservoir Leak Repair Services

Trust the experts to look after your reservoir and leak repairs

With extensive experience in cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining reservoirs, JHA Australia is perfectly placed to deliver quality and reliable reservoir and leak repairs in Queensland and New South Wales. Our expert team has worked on everything from small 30m towers to larger reservoirs up to 138m long.

We can handle large and small projects with competence, ensuring a dependable service that will always deliver the results you need. We provide competitive rates for all our work and get the job done in a quick and professional manner, without cutting corners.

Reservoir Repair Services

Excellence in reservoir and leak repairs

When you enlist the services of JHA Australia, we’ll provide an experienced team of commercially trained divers to carry out the work that’s required. We’re adept at operating in accordance with drought and water restrictions, so all inspections, cleaning, and maintenance work on reservoirs can be conducted while the reservoir is full. 

Hundreds of people depend on dams and reservoirs for domestic, industrial, and agricultural water supply for floor protection and electricity, so it can be inconvenient when a dam needs to be repaired. All dams and reservoirs are designed to lose some water through seepage, which helps make the dam more stable. Controls to keep seepage at an acceptable low level are designed and incorporated into the dam and its foundations.

Leakage occurs when seepage targets a weak area in the dam or works its way into the foundation. It’s important that these leaks are fixed immediately so that erosion doesn’t threaten the stability of the dam.

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and leak repair in Queensland and New South Wales. 

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