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Efflorescence Control

Solutions for Efflorescence Control

Expert efflorescence control in Queensland and New South Wales

At JHA Australia, we specialise in efflorescence control in Queensland and New South Wales – a service that many of our customers require. Efflorescence is a common problem in concrete and masonry block foundations and can be identified by the presence of a white, fuzzy substance along the inside and outside of basement walls.
Concrete Efflorescence

What is efflorescence?

Quite simply, if you find efflorescence on your property, then you have a moisture problem which, if left untreated, will ultimately damage the structure of your building. Water infiltrates the block or concrete wall, dissolving the minerals within it. As water evaporates from the surface of the unit, the mineral deposits are left behind. As a result of this, efflorescence crystals start to grow.

Although often nothing more than a visual problem, if the efflorescence crystals grow inside the surface of the unit, spalling can occur. In this case, the surface of the structure will peel, pop out, or flake off as the salt pushes from the inside out, eventually causing the structure to crumble and deteriorate.

If the efflorescence is removed, but then returns, this means water is entering the wall and driving the salts out. If it does not return, then the cause was initial moisture and salts from when the concrete was placed.

Three conditions must exist before efflorescence occurs:

  1. There must be water-soluble salts present somewhere in the wall.
  2. There must be sufficient moisture in the wall to render the salts into a soluble solution.
  3. There must be a path for the soluble salts to migrate through to the surface where the moisture can evaporate, thus depositing the salts, which then crystallise and cause efflorescence.

All three conditions must exist. If any one of these conditions is not present, then efflorescence cannot occur. At JHA Australia, we can identify and treat efflorescence and subsequently put a plan in place to ensure that any moisture problem is effectively treated.

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